1 Mar 2019 - 28 Feb 2021
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1 Mar 2019 - 28 Feb 2021

STEP 1 - Online registration:
Until November 2019
Register and Submit your profile.

  • Insert all information about your company, what you do and what you would like to do
  • Answer to the custom questions that will be used by the partners to design the Open Call for Proposal
  • Insert the kind of cooperation, you are looking for and which ideas you would like to discuss with potential collaboration partners.

All cooperation profiles will be published online. Changes in profile can be made at any time.

STEP 2 - Virtual meetings 
Until November 2019

Email notification: You will be informed by email when you can start booking virtual meetings, and get in touch with your potential partners

Check in the marketplace the most suitable companies, and most promising cooperation profiles

Communicate with the other companies through the internal messaging system

Virtual meetings
The virtual meetings consist in an exchange of information via the b2match chat, via emails and skype. In order to book your virtual meetings you’ll send an “Expression of interest” to the most interesting counterparts through a dedicated button.

STEP 3 - Participation in the Open Call for European Business Networks

The Open Call for European Business Networks (EBNs) will be launched on the 22nd of July 2019. The deadline is the 4th of November 2019.

Applications must be submitted by a group of 4 to 8 SMEs from at least 3 different EU countries and must contain:

- Clearly expressed motivations and expectations;

- Background of each SME participating in a team as applicant EBN;

- A joint Action Plan and a summary of it. The full Action Plan is a confidential document that can only be read by the evaluators. It will include the internationalisation strategy design background, the EBN differential value and competitiveness offer, resources (economical and HHRR) available for the short/long term expansion planned, level of external productive collaboration, etc.;

- Amount requested to accomplish the joint Action Plan, considering that the maximum amount of EU financial support is € 25.000 (90%);

- A medium-long term perspective and goals, that go beyond the specific activities developed during the pilot project, which will be formalised signing a European Business Network Contract/Agreement, showing the sustainability of the business strategy.

*Submit your Registration: Insert all information in detail. Marks with * are compulsory.

*Selection of virtual meeting: You will receive an email notification of your registration.

Simply click on Expression of Interest and schedule your virtual meeting. Our team will contact you.

 *Participate in the Open Call for European Business Networks

Applications must be submitted by a group of 4 to 8 SMEs from at least 3 different EU countries.

Participants should decide, if they want to lead the group or be a part of a Business Network.

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Participants 137
Meetings 87


Belgium 2
Bulgaria 5
Croatia 3
Cyprus 1
Denmark 2
Estonia 4
France 2
Germany 2
Greece 1
Hungary 1
Ireland 2
Italy 62
Latvia 5
Lithuania 19
Malta 2
Poland 2
Portugal 9
Romania 4
Serbia 1
Slovakia 1
Spain 10
Sweden 1
United Kingdom 2
Total 143


Micro Enterprise (staff < 10, TO ≤ € 2 m €) 82
Small Enterprise (staff < 50, TO ≤ € 10 m €) 47
Medium Enterprise (staff < 250, TO ≤ € 50 m€) 12
Other 2
Total 143