1 Mar 2019 - 28 Feb 2021
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1 Mar 2019 - 28 Feb 2021

All SMEs are invited to participate! For more information you can write to een@cambrabcn.org _________________________________________________________________________________

BEE NET will schedule a series of 9 Webinars FROM June to November 2019 open to all the European companies with the collaboration of external parties from other countries.

Webinars will provide SMEs useful information and training for their EBNs activities and will be coordinated by the BEE NET partners.


Webinar #6 on “WEBINAR Industry 4.0 in Germany":

Webinar #5 on “Origin of Goods and FTA":

Presentation: Origin of Goods and FTA

Webinar #4  on “Export food in Japan and the opportunities of EPA, in collaboration with the EU-Japan Centre (EEN Japan)":

Webinar #3  on “Internationalization processes & Enterprise Europe Network":

“Internationalization processes & Enterprise Europe Network" 

“How a company becomes international is one of the most important questions to analyse in order to encourage more companies, especially small, to act abroad and avoid mistakes. In that sense, the current webinar will focus on the following topics:

-   The 7 steps of a business international plan and how to develop them

-   Basic differences between the importation/exportation of products and services

-   Most common mistakes to avoid in the internationalization of companies

-   Foreign trade tools to obtain useful information

-   The Enterprise Europe Network (EEN): how EEN can help SMEs in their internationalization process.”

Webinar #2 on 'Drafting International Action Plan and Legal Aspects of Business Network Contracts':

'Drafting International Action Plan and Legal Aspects of Business Network Contracts' is aimed at clarifying the fundamental aspects of Business Networks, starting from the Italian experience, and how to draft a joint International Action plan. 
The webinar will focus on the following main topics:

  • The definition and main characteristics of a Business Network Contract
  • The opportunities and objectives aggregations offer to SMEs
  • Business Networks for the development of international cooperation and strategies
  • Drafting international Action Plan

Webinar #1 "Business Network and Design thinking":

"Business Network and Design thinking"

In the next decade, companies will face an enormous series of new and existing challenges. "Innovation" and "competition through cooperation" will be an important source of competitive advantage. 
Design thinking provides a solution-based approach to solving most of competition and innovation problems. It is a way for business partners of thinking and working as well as a collection of hands-on methods. Design thinking force business network managers to have "structure" and "linearity" in finding sustainable solutions. 
This short webinar will focus on Design Thinking Methodology and some effective techniques for doing face-to-face research with customers, getting deeply immersed in their perspectives, co-creating with stakeholders, and designing and executing experiments. 
The webinar will be held by Lorenzo Sciadini, consultant of RetImpresa.

Webinar on Decentralized Training:

*The notices on the webinars will be published on the web platform and sent via email to the companies registered on the platform.

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